The South Bay Piping Industry as a promoter of local sports, has seats for the San Jose Barracuda’s 2023 hockey season.  You can request tickets!  Here is the list of 2023 games with tickets still available – all games are held at the TECH CU Arena, 1500 South 10th St. in San Jose – our season is about to close, only 2 games left:

  • Friday, April 7th 7 pm vs Eagles
  • Saturday, April 8th 6 pm vs Eagles

Barracuda LogoEMAIL [email protected] for tickets.     You must include:

(1) your name, (2)  game day, (3) number of tickets requested, (4)  and a cell phone number. Maximum 4 tickets per game, per family.

Any items omitted above will make request void – Questions? Call 408-970-8578