Brian Murphy is the 393 Pipe Trades Training Center Coordinator. He’s led the efforts to create a hybrid learning model, bringing apprentices both online classes and Covid-safe in-person labs.

“The pandemic has forced the Training Center to modernize is ways we only dreamed of before,” said Brian. “It was a steep learning curve for
both the apprentices and the instructors to move courses online. Now we wonder, “How did we ever do this before without an online component?”

“Hybrid in-person and online learning is here to stay, but there are some things you have to do in person. We’ve opened up our labs, and we now have 100 students on any given night.

“We have 102,000 square feet of space, with 30 doors. Each of eight nightly lab groups is in a pod, has its own doors, its own hallways, and its own bathroom. So if someone had Covid, it would be contained to their pod.

“Our online learning component is something we invested heavily in, and we can now use it for decades to come. In fact, everyone coming through the Training Center is now 100% computer literate. In 15 years, our entire workforce will be computer literate which will revolutionize our field.

“The pandemic has really taught us resilience. Our apprentices now have a sense of confidence whichwill really serve them well in the field.”